Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Seven Layers of dessert

1. Cupcakes or cake bites
2. Hot Chocolate sauce
3. Pecan Granola
4. Pineapple jello
5. Strawberries
6. Frozen Yogurt
7. Nut Praline

1. Arrange cup cakes or cut squares of cake or cake crumbs at bottom of deep transparent bowl.
2. Pour hot chocolate sauce.
3. Add pecan or any of your favorite granola.
4. Add Pineapple jello squares.
5. Add washed, cleaned and quartered strawberries.
6. Add mango or your favorite flavored frozen yogurt.
7. Add your favorite crunchy nut praline.

Butter Pecan for nut praline

Chinese Seven Layer

1. Boiled noodles
2. Chinese dressing
3. crunchy lettuce salad
4. Chinese stir fry
5. Tofu Bites
6. Crackled spinach
7. Baked manchurian

1. Salted boiled noodles goes at the bottom of a deep transparent glass bowl.
2. Chinese dressing go next.
3. Crunchy lettuce salad or your favorite crunchy chinese salad.
4. Chinese vegetable stir fry goes next
5. Arrange tofu bites next.
6. Next goes crackled spinach
7. Add baked manchurian

Mediteranean Seven Layer

1. Lettuce
2.  Mint sauce
3  onion, cucumber tomato
4. Hummus
5. falafel
6. colored pepper with tahini
7. Baked Pita Chips

1. Finely Shredded lettuce goes at the bottom of a deep transparent glass bowl.
2.Then mint sauce,
3. Veggie goes next.
4.  Hummus goes next.
5. Topped  with falafel.
6. Next goes striped tri-color capsicums in tahini dressing.
7. Add baked pita chips on top

* for no 6 cut red, yellow, orange and green bell peppers into 1" squares and add 1 tbs tahini, 1 ts sugar, salt pepper as needed.

Mexican Seven Layer

1. Cilantro Rice
2. Fajita veggie
3. Black beans or chili
4. Corn salsa
5. Guacamole
6. Cheese/ Sour cream
7. Baked tortilla chips

1. Cilantro rice goes at the bottom of a deep transparent glass bowl.
2. fajita veggie goes next.
3. salted and cooked black beans/chili goes next.
4. Then corn salsa,
5. topped  with guacamole.
6. Next goes cheese.
7. Add baked tortilla chips on top

*To cook black beans add salt and water and pressure cook then drain

Bombay Seven Layer

1. Idli
2. Mint Chutney
3. Baked Onion Pakoda 
4. Sweet Chutney
5. Kachumber
6. spicy Yogurt
7. Sev

1. Idlies goes at the bottom of a deep transparent glass bowl.
2. Mint chutney go next.
3. Then goes baked onion pakoda.
4. Sweet chutney goes next
5. Kachumber goes next
6. Spicy yogurt goes next.
7. On top goes sev.

*Recipes coming soon

Indian Seven Layer

1. Veggie Mango Raita
2. Tandoori veggie
3. Kachumber
4. Paneer Tikka
5. Mint Chutney
6. Green Salad
7. Palak pakoda chips

1. Veggie Mango Raita goes at the bottom of a deep transparent glass bowl.
2. Tandoori veggie goes next.
3. Kachumber go next.
4. Then goes Paneer Tikka
5. Add Mint Chutney.
6. Next goes green salad.
7. Add Palak pakoda chips on top

* Green salad is mix of finely long cut cabbage, spinach, carrots and tomato.

Italian Seven Layer

1. Cannelloni Puree
2. Pickled veg., Eggplants (Giardiniera)
3. Sun dried tomato
4. Provolone Cheese
5. Pasta with Pesto
6. Italian salad with mayo, olive oil dressing
7. French bread cut and toasted

1. Cannelloni Puree goes at the bottom of a deep transparent glass bowl.
2. Pickled veg., Eggplants (Giardiniera) goes next.
3. Sun dried tomato go next.
4. Then goes Provolone Cheese
5. Top it up with  Pasta with Pesto.
6. Next goes Italian salad.
7. Add French bread cut and toasted on top

*Recipes coming soon

American Seven Layers

1. Toasted Bread Salad with mayo
2. Burger patty
3  Cheese veggie salad
4. White Beans
5. Pickles
6. Corn Relish
7. Lettuce

*Recipes coming soon

Thai Seven Layer

1. Shreded Carrots
2. Coconut Dressing
3. Pad Thai Noodles
4. Peanut Dressing
5. Cabbage salad
6. Spicy cucumber
7. Stir fried noodles with Herb salad and chopped peanuts

*Recipes coming soon

Greek seven Layer

1. Grilled veggie
2.  Hummus
3. Kalamatta olives
4. Tzatziki
5. Bulgar wheat or couscous salad
6. Greek salad
7. Feta cheese

1. Grilled veggie goes at the bottom of a deep transparent glass bowl.
2. Hummus goes next.
3. Kalamatta olives goes next.
4. Then Tzatziki,
5. Then bulgar wheat or couscous salad.
6. Next goes Tomatoes salad.
7. Add Feta cheese on top

Seven Layers

These dishes are a sure shot - whether it's a party or just a Friday movie night.  You can have Lavash, Pita, french bread, or plain bread on the side so everybody gets their own way with it. Be it a wrap or pita pockets, sandwich or a topping toasted french bread, regular sandwich or just as it is: