Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Royal Yogurt Drink- Rajavadi Lassi

Category :Vegetarian,  fat free , gluten free, Nut free
Preparation Time : 5 min.
Cooking Time: nil
Skill level : easy

1 c fat free yogurt
5-6 ice
2 tbs Gulkand ( I use sandu)
1/4 ts cardamom powder
pinch saffron 
1 tbs nut pralines
1 c vanilla Greek yogurt
sugar if needed
nut pralines and rose petals 

1. Mix first 5 ingredients.
2. Add praline and Greek yogurt and fold couple of times together.(Be careful not to over-mix.)
3. Garnish and serve.

Cashew Choco-Vanilla Swirl

Category :Vegan, Jain, Fat-free, Gluten free
 Preparation Time : 5 min. 
Cooking time : nil
 Skill level : easy

Ingredients :
1/2 c Cashew Vanilla spread
1/2 c Cashew Chocolate Spread

2 freezer ziploc bags

1. Fill the corner of one ziploc bag with vanilla spread and another one with chocolate.
2. Cut the 1/4" of the corner of bag.
3. Hold the bags together and start squeezing it in rounds over the serving bowl to make swirl.
4. serve.

Low fat Stuffed shell Lasagna

Category :Vegetarian, low Fat
 Preparation Time : 5 min. 
Cooking time : 35 min.
 Skill level : easy

Ingredients :
1 12 oz. jumbo shell pasta, cooked as per instruction on the pack

1 c Silky dip
2 c spinach, finely chopped
1 big tomato finely chopped(no juice)
1 tbs cheese( optional)(I do not used any)

Veggie layer:
2 small zucchini cut into thin square slices
1 red bell pepper, cut in to 1" squares
1/2 yellow bell pepper, cut in to 1" squares
1/2 orange bell pepper, cut in to 1" squares
1/2 green bell pepper, cut in to 1" squares
1 small white onion , cut in to 1" squares
1 ts olive oil
5-6 garlic cloves finely chopped
1/2 ts crushed peppercorns
salt as needed

2 c roasted garlic tomato pasta sauce
1 tbs finely grated cheese, (I used organic pepper jack)

1. Mix the veggie ingredients.
2. Bake veggies @ 350 degree f for 20 min.
3. Stuff pasta with stuffing mix.
4. Layer it over veggies when veggies done.
5. Spoon pasta sauce over pasta.
6. Sprinkle grated cheese and bake again for 10 min.
7. Serve while warm.

* If you like you can sprinkle Parmesan cheese while serving.