Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Geranium Rose Tea

This one uplifts spirit so has a good effect on nervous system and relieves stress, depretion, anxiety and treats PMS. It is stimulating and detoxifying.

Category :Vegan, fat-free
Preparation Time : 2 min.
Cooking Time: nil
Skill level : easy

1/2 c geranium rose leaves
1 green tea bag
1 c hot water

1. In a pot mix everything, cover and let it stand for 5 min.
2. Filter the tea.
3. Enjoy!

* if you like you can add 1/2 lemon sliced after filtering.
* If you like chilled use warm water and chill, filter and enjoy.
* If you want it sweet you can add 2 ts liquid sweetener.


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