Saturday, May 17, 2014

Lavash Wraps

Category :vegetarian,  Nut free
Preparation Time : 15 min.
Cooking Time:2-3 min.
Skill level : easy

Ingredients :

4 lavash  (I have used roti)
1 c hummus(hummus heaven)

3/4 c finely cut lettuce
1/2 c sliced tomato
1/2 c sliced onion
1/2 c sliced yellow, red and green bell peppers

3/4  c Tzatziki sauce

1/2 ts peppercorns powder
salt as needed

1. Set lavash on the chopping board or plate.

2. Spread hummus.
3. top it with lettuce, tomato and bell pepper.
4. Add salt pepper for veggie part.
5. wrap lavash softly but nice and tight.
6. Enjoy.