Sunday, May 25, 2014

Almost fat free mix fruit Dahi vada

Mix fruit Dahi vada is almost fat free and very tasty. It  is excellent for to go or made day ahead.

Very good low fat party starter.

Category :Vegetarian, low fat , gluten free, Nut free
Preparation Time : 10 min.
Cooking Time: 15-20 min.
Skill level : easy

Ingredients :

12 appam 
2 + 1/4 glass water
3 c Yogurt
2 c mixed fruit
1 ts gulkand(I use SANDU)(optional)
1 tbs cashew pieces
salt as needed
1/2 + 1/2 ts roasted cumin powder
pinch black salt
2 ts sugar 
1/2 ts red chili powder
1 ts oil
1/2 ts cumin seeds
2 ts urad dal
8-10 curry leaves
2 spicy green chili, cut

1. Soak appam in 2 c water for 10 min.
2. squeeze appam between palms.
3. Mix yogurt, fruit, gulkand, salts, cashews, sugar  and 1 ts cumin powder.
4. add water if mix is too thick to make it pouring thick consistency.(It will be thicker after a while.)
5. Arrange appam at the bottom of serving plate.
6. Pour yogurt mix.
7. sprinkle cumin powder and chili powder.
8. heat oil in a small pan and add tempering ingredients.
9. Pour the temper on yogurt mix.
10. refrigerate for at least 1/2 an hour.
11. Enjoy.

* you can use ready made Idli batter to make this quick.
*Vada batter or green moong batter is also perfect for this recipe.

* I Made this today and add 2 tbs of sugar by mistake, but it was amazingly satisfactory as dessert if you have sweet tooth and my husband loved it but now a days I like salty more than sweet stuff. So I made a change according to that but feel creative with toppings and change salt,  sugar and spiciness according to your taste. Basic good thing is Its Dahi vada and that too almost fat free and has perfect texture like traditional dahi vada.
* For fruit you can use mango, strawberry, apple, cherry, nectarine, grapes, peach, figs etc.
* Go easy to add any dried fruit you like, but just don't go overboard, take mix of 4-5 fruits or dried fruits.