Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Milk Drinks

Your kids don't like milk? Neither do mine. Especially being a vegetarian we have to take care of calcium so in later age they don't have to suffer for bone density issues.  If  U want your kids to drink milk fast and wanting more, You can try Milk powders with  different flavors made absolutely from natural ingredients. The store bought powders have many types of chemicals and quite expensive where as for home made one, we know the ingredients which is quite healthy :-

Thandai drink mix
Saffron Drink powder
Pistachio Drink Powder
Rose Drink powder
Fennel Drink powder
Cashew Fig Drink powder
Vanilla Cashew Drink Powder
Pecan Praline Drink Powder
Date Almond Drink powder
Strawberry Malai Drink powder
Mexican Mocha Drink powder
Caramelized Cashew Drink powder

If you make 2-3 types milk powder, all you have to do is blend with milk.  Every one can choose the flavor they want and it's not the same everyday so no boredom

For making milk :

Category : gluten free,  low fat, Vegetarian
Preparation Time : 5 min.
Skill level : easy

1 c milk
1 tbs desired flavored milk powder
sugar as desired

1. Blend it.
2. If you want to serve to guests or want to make it rich add one scoop of similar flavored ice cream