Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Low-fat Garlic potato Wedges( Garlic French Fries)

Kids and adults will love this fries alike and it is low fat.

Category :Vegan, low-Fat, Gluten free
 Preparation Time : 5 min. 
Cooking time :15 min.
 Skill level : Easy
Serves : 4

Ingredients :
2 potatoes cut in 1/4" thick slices
1 ts oil plus more to taste
Seasoning :
1 ts olive oil
1 tbs nutritional yeast(optional)
1 ts Chili Powder
1/2  ts garlic powder
1/2 ts onion powder
1 ts rosemary powder or finely crumbled
salt pepper as needed

1. Heat a nonstick griddle at medium heat.
2. Add potatoes and move them around to coat them with oil.
3. Turn the heat low.
4. Cover and cook until bottom of the potato is golden brown.
5. Turn them gently one by one to brown other sides.
6. Keep the lid open now otherwise it will make chips soft
7. When both sides are done, turn the heat off.
8. Sprinkle olive oil, mix.
9.Sprinkle the seasoning and mix it gently.
10. Enjoy.