Friday, June 27, 2014

Masala Thepala- Low fat Ganthiya

In Saurashtra, India very common breakfast used to be Ganthiya, jalebi, sata. All laden with fat.  Now health concious people started avoiding that but still while doing breakfast for sure they will think, it will be fun if to eat ganthiya(but fried, oil, calories, too much salt,...). My husband is one of that type. May be he will eat ganthiya once a year but sundays  he thinks ganthiya would be fun. That's the time when I make them. This one works just fine. Its low in fat, low salt works perfect, less calories still similar great taste. It's never failing breakfast (believe me, I tried with couple of people and it was hit, everytime).

Category : Vegan, low fat
Preparation Time : 5 min
Cooking Time: 15-20 min
Skill level :  Intermediate

Ingredients :
2 ts peppercorns, crushed, medium
1 ts Carom seedscrushed, medium
1 ts turmeric powder
1/2 ts strong asafoetida
1 ts roasted cumin powder
salt as needed
1/3 c gram flour
1 c whole wheat flour
Dry whole wheat flour for rolling
Oil for spreading

1. Make semi soft dough with flour, spices and water. 
2.  Make walnut size balls of dough.
3. Flatten the balls into disks.
4. Roll the balls into 6" diameter circles.
5. Heat griddle on medium heat and when hot enough (to check put a pinch of flour on the griddle and check if it turns golden-brown) carefully place the thepala on the griddle .
6. After 10 seconds, flip it over, apply oil 1/2+to taste ts each thepala(I use 4-5  drops, but we got used to low oil food and I can make softer ones after years of practice).
7. When it has brownish spots flip over again.
8. When it has brownish spots both sides its done.
9. Serve. Repeat.

*Flipping thepala too many times makes it hard and chewy. (With practice you will know right timings and right temperatures.
*To make soft thepalas adjust your heat just right. If its too much you will get burns and spots will quickly turn black and if it's too low it will take longer and will be chewy not soft.

* If you think your rolling speed is not fast you can turn heat on only after rolling 2-3 thepalas.