Friday, May 9, 2014

Sweet Fresh Coconut roti

It is worth every bit of energy it takes to make this. Absolutely DELICIOUS.

Category :Vegetarian,  healthy fat, nut free
Preparation Time : 10 min.
Cooking Time: 30 Min.
Skill level :  Intermediate

Ingredients :
1 ts ghee or butter
1 c skim milk powder or non fat dry milk
1 c grated  fresh coconut
1 c sugar or as per taste
1/2 ts cardamom powder
1 c regular whole wheat soft dough

1. In a wok heat ghee.
2. Roast milk powder at medium low. Be sure not to burn it.
3. Add coconut and roast until fragrant
4. Add sugar and keep roasting
5. When its starts making like ball its done
6. If it does not form a ball then add 1-2 ts milk
7. It should be able to form a soft ball
8. Mix cardamom and allow it to cool

Making roti
1. Take a walnut-sized ball of dough
2. Make two disks out of it
3. Roll the two disks into small circles with a rolling pin
4. Now sandwich the two disks with a little ball of filling (a little larger than the size of a walnut)
5. Seal the edges perfectly
6. With the help of a hand or rolling pin, roll it out into a circle
7. On heated griddle lay the roti at medium low temperature
8. After 5 seconds turn it over
9. When its golden-brown turn it over again
10. When its golden-brown both side it's done.
11.Serve warm. You can apply ghee if you like.
12. Repeat the process for all the rotis