Thursday, June 26, 2014

Pizza Paratha

Category : Vegetarian, low fat
Preparation Time : 5 min
Cooking Time: 15-20 min
Skill level :  Intermediate

Ingredients :
1/4 c pizza sauce
1/4 c cheese plus more to taste, grated (mozzarella)
1/2 c finely cut and drained toppings of your choice
1/2 ts onion powder
1/4 ts garlic powder
1 ts oregano
1 ts red chili flakes
salt pepper as needed

1 c regular whole wheat soft dough

Making base:
1. Make walnut-sized balls out of the dough.
2. Flatten two of the balls so that you have two disks.
3. Roll the two disks into circles with a rolling pin (approx. 5" diameter)
4. Now spread 3/4 tbs of pizza sauce on one, add toppings (about 1 tbs), add cheese on top (1/2 tbs), and then seasoning.
5. Lay another circle of the same size on top. Seal the edges carefully.
6. With the help of a rolling pin, roll a little bit more (until it reaches approx. 6" diameter)
7. On heated griddle lay the paratha at medium low temperature
8. After 10 seconds turn it over
9. When it's golden-brown turn it over again
10. When it's golden-brown on both sides, it's done.
11.Serve warm. 
12. Repeat the same procedure for all parathas.

*Topping suggestions: very finely cut - onion, garlic, bell peppers, pineapple, jalapeno, green onion, olives, paneer etc. (no tomatoes)
*If you want parathas crispier adjust heat lower(@25-30%).