Saturday, June 28, 2014

Liquorice tea

This naturally sweet, spicy, and smoky-flavored tea cures severe coughs and colds. It improves immunity, is anti -inflammatory, and is an anti-diabetic. It also helps to clear the voice, and cures sore throats.

Category :Vegan, fat-free
Preparation Time : 5 min.
Cooking Time: nil
Skill level : easy

2- 1 cm  liquorice (Yashtimadhu)
1" cinnamon
2 c water

1. In a pot mix everything, cover and allow it to soak.
2. Warm it whenever you want to drink it.
3. Enjoy!

I would suggest to take this tea when warm to get more benefits out of it, but if you are taking it just for the sake of enjoyment, you can try it chilled too.
* These are general guidelines but everyone has different "TASIR" (nature of body), so follow that as well.
*The best approach is to eat a variety of nutritionally dense foods rather than concentrating on one, no matter how good you find a single food to be.
*Good things are good only when used in moderation, when overdone it isn't good.