Saturday, June 21, 2014

Spicy Chai

Very Fragrant tea with my favorite spice mixture!

Category :Vegetarian, fat free
Preparation Time : 2 min.
Cooking Time: 7-8 min. 
Skill level : easy

3 tbs water
spice mix
2 ts black tea 
1 c hot milk(I use fat-free)
2 ts sugar 

1. In a pot- add water, sugar and spice mix- on medium heat.
2. When water starts boiling, add the milk and tea.
3. Leave it until it begins to boil
4. Slow down the heat and allow it to cook for a while (Make sure its not sticking to the bottom by stirring in between- this will prevent formation of film too).
5. Turn the heat off.
6. Filter. Serve warm.

*To make spice mix

1 clove 
1/2"  cinnamon 
1/8 ts = nutmeg 
1 all spice

1. Crush all ingredients a little bit.