Monday, June 9, 2014

Cashew Chocolate Spread

Cashew chocolate spread is basically nuttella (or any other hazelnut spread) except for the fact that its base ingredient is cashew, whereas in hazelnut spread is hazelnut (DUH!). This is in many ways better than hazelnut spread, for one, it can produce a better-textured spread, so it spreads at more ease. In many areas, hazelnut spreads  and even hazelnuts aren't easily available, and cashews are easily available so this is a good replacement.

 Category :Vegan, Jain, Fat-free, Gluten free
 Preparation Time : 5 min. 
Cooking time : nil
 Skill level : easy

Ingredients :
3/4 c cashews, roasted
2 tbs vegan cocoa mix or drinking chocolate
3 tbs maple agave syrup (any liquid sweetener)

1. Blend all the ingredients into fine paste.