Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Natural Blue syrup

Nature gave us gift of rainbow and food in colors of the rainbow. We have plenty of food which is Green ... Red ... Orange ... Yellow ... plenty of them, but when it comes to purple ... little is available and blue - RARE.  There are very few foods which are naturally blue. And the tricky part - if blue food comes in contact with acid, it turns purple,  leaving less options if we want to make natural blue syrup. Difficult huh .... yeah it is. Same thing for this syrup if you add something acidic it's no longer blue-it will be purple since it's natural. An interesting property on butterfly blue pea flowers-it is very helpful in the functioning of the brain-for concentration, memory, Alzheimer, etc.

1/2 c butterfly blue pea flowers, dried or 1 c fresh
2-1" vanilla pod
1/2 c sugar
1 c water

1. Boil water with sugar and flowers.
2. When it reaches to 1 strand or soft ball consistency, turn the heat off.
3. After 10 min. add vanilla pods and let it stay there.
4. fill it in a airtight dry jar.